Neodymium varicose laser

neodymium varicose laser

Video ALD Advanced Laser Diode Featured in the ALD and LLD applicators is one of the fastest hair removal systems and the optimal choice for high-volume Hair Removal procedures, offering fast, effective and painless treatments with maximum coverage area of up to 18 cm² per second.

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In order to minimize discomfort and the potential skin damage, an efficient skin cooling system Sapphire contact cooling tip is used to chill the neodymium varicose laser before, during and after the treatment. The ALD nm applicator is clinically effective and safe hair removal applicator for all skin types.

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The ergonomically and lightweight design makes it convenient and easy to use. The light guide tip size on the applicator is 12X10 mm allowing pinpoint treatments in specific areas. Powered by an advanced laser diode, the applicator offers extended life span amounting neodymium varicose laser an average of six times the number of pulses compared neodymium varicose laser the competitors.

The Nd:YAG applicator also offers safe and effective Hair Removal treatment for all skin types including specially designed modes for dark skin types including skin types V and VI and deep hair follicles.

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